Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ham for Thanksgiving?

No we didn't eat ham, we ate turkey. But this little doll is quite the ham. She is my brother's grandaughter. Lil' Tootsie just loves having her picture taken. That's a soft cast on her hand. She burned it the other day at the babysitter's. She decided she wanted to help with lunch. A trip to the burn unit for debriding and back again next week for the same. Hopefully no more trips to the burn unit after that. A lot depends on how she heals.

My Dad, my brother and his family were here. It was nice because my nephew flew in from Georgia. He's in the army and was able to get some leave. All 3 of our kids were here as well. What a blessing!
My husband prepared the turkey and my daughter, a Culinary Institute of America student, prepared everything else. Everything was delicious! And there's plenty of leftovers. YUMMY!!!! All I had to do was clean the house and set the table. I definitely got the easy end of the deal. And I didn't even have to clean up. DH and DD are doing that as I type. I am SO spoiled!!!
Here's Little Tootsie and her papa, (my brother). Like I said, she's a ham. She would find my camera and bring it to me so I could take her picture. I have several photos of her, but I just had to share these two.
So tomorrow my daughter and I are going to do a bit of shopping, no crazy early bird stuff. And then when we get home we'll decorate for Christmas. She heads back to college on Sunday and wants to decorate before she goes. Who am I to stop her?
Happy Thanksgiving & Blessings!


Teresa said...

Hello Roxanne, what an absolute sweetie she is, thankfully her injury wasn't worse.

Happy thinks giving to all of you, and all the best for the future festivities.

Deby said...

You had me going there! I thought, "What? Ham for Thanksgiving?" But of course that was just a hook to get me in, not that I needed one mind you. I always stop in and see what you're up to!!! Glad you had a wonderful holiday! We did too! And yes, we had turkey...though it's ham for Christmas (of the eating kind)! Bless your "retail therapy" today after your long, enjoyable day yesterday! See you Sunday!!!

Angie said...

Hi Roxy. I'm loving your blog.
Your cards are so beautiful.
So glad you had a lovely Thanks Giving.
I tried to upload you Christmas Tree widget into my blog but can't is there anyway you could let me know how to do it please.
Many Thanks

Dawn said...

Aww Roxy - sounds like you had a lovely time!

Carol Plume said...

Roxy sounds like you had a great time, what a little poppet Tootsie is...hope her hand is getting better....xx

Teresa said...

Me again Roxy, I just wanted to say that I have updated my blog address to could you update your SBS23 bookmark so you can find me again?

Many thanks.