Sunday, October 26, 2008

Challenge card

This card was done for the mini virtual stamp night they held on SCS last night. The theme for the night was "cabaret". The theme for this particular challenge was "all that jazz". We were to use frills that would be on a flapper's outfit. We're given 45 minutes to make a card.

I stamped the imagine in versafine black and then used my SU real red marker to color in her dress. I used a silver pen to accent the feathers on her dress and head piece. The sequins along the side came from leftovers from costume making.


October Swap

Isn't this card great! My SBS, Carol, made it for me. It's hard to tell in the photo, but there is crystal effects accenting the image,( lips, headband, hair, dress). The butterfly is metallic and very shiny. It catches the light so that you get to see all of the colors in the wings. Both peices of paper behind the image are edged in gold. This is just gorgeous!

I haven't posted in awhile as I have been having technical difficulties with my camera. But I am back in action now....... except my computer has been extremely slow these past couple of days.

So now I'm off to fix some supper for DH.


Monday, October 20, 2008


Hi All,

I just received a wonderful card today from my SBS#23 Carol. I hope to be able to get a photo of it and get it posted later this week. I'm having technical difficulties with my camera and I'm getting ready to head out of town again....this time on business. Hoping to be able to post on Friday or Saturday. Hoping to catch up with everyone then as well.

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Get Inspired!

Check out this post about inspiration on Donna's blog.

Let me know what inspires you. I frequently get inspired by a co-worker's clothing. sha has some of the coolest jackets.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Honored !

My SBS Joey blessed me with this award....could it be becaus of my crazy DC adventure? :-)
The award is called the Wylde Women Award and its purpose is to send love to and acknowledge women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.

1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between
2. Make sure you link to their site
3. Link back to Tammy at so she can visit all these great women
4. Remember the purpose of the award
So I'm giving it my fellow DC adventurer, Deby, a.k.a. The Sofa Lady.
Hey Deby! beep, beep, beep.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh no!!!!!

Hi All,

Remember how I mentioned earlier that it's a good thing that Five Guys, (the burger joint we went to in DC), wasn't up here in NY? Well when I went into work yesterday I found out that a Five Guys just opened up this past Friday right down the street from my office! Literally! It's maybe a half mile away on the same street. Well, I do have a safety net ......Since my hours at work have changed, DH drops me off, so I don't have a car. So no access. phew! But DD is coming home this weekend and we're heading up to Rochester to do some shopping. Of course she wants to go to Five Guys.........Mark and Linda introduced her to them when she was visiting them a couple of years ago. Ah, the sacrifices we make for our children lol!

Something just occurred to may think a half mile is nothing for me to walk, especially since I just walked 52 miles this past weekend. Well, let me tell you about Jefferson sidewalks and way too much traffic to walk safely. I may like a Five Guys burger like no other, but I cherish my safety much more.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The 3 Day Walk, Part 5

This is a photo of our new dear friends, Mark and Linda. Their daughter and my daughter are college friends. These two people have been an amazing blessing to Deby and I. They opened their home to us to stay the night before the walk and the night after the walk. They fed us, transported us, and Mark even entertained us with some funny stories. Now I understand why my daughter enjoys visiting them.

Linda dropped us off at the airport yesterday morning on her way to work. when we got there, we found out our flight had been delayed. For how long, we didn't know. While at the airport, we came across other walkers heading home.

It was getting lunch time and we were getting hungry. Imagine our suprise when we saw a Five Guys burger joint at the airport! So of course we had to stop there to eat. Yummo!

Now, I'm not one for burgers and fries, and to eat them for supper one night and lunch the next day! It was a first.....and will probably be a last......unless of course I'm near a Five Guys LOL!

While at the airport, we met a fellow walker who was on our flight as well. We had a great time talking with her about all of her experiences doing the walks.....DC was her 5th!

We made it to JFK and it was quite chillier than DC.
And since we were wearing flip flops, ( who could put on shoes?),
we knew our feet would be freezing when we got home. These are
the fluffy, comfy socks we bought at the airport. We were quite a
site, but who cared.

We made it home, later than expected and exhausted, but very happy. This last photo was taken when we met up with Deby's family. Yes, after 12 hours of traveling, we were still smiling!

The 3 Day Walk for breast cancer research has been an amazing journey. Please consider participating in it if you ever get a chance.


The 3 Day Walk, Part 4

Day 3 began at 5 am. We needed to get up, pack up our stuff and take down the tents and get some breakfast before heading out. We walked about a half mile down to the boat launch to get on the buses that would take us closer to DC.

Up until now, all of our walking had been in Virginia. This morning they dropped us off in Arlington. From there we made our way through Arlington and crossed the bridge into Georgetown. We made our way through Dupont circle and then up Pennsylvania Ave. past the white house.

The most amazing moment for me was when we crossed the finish line. The music, the crowds, the cheering....It was just overwhelming. I was brought to tears. Of the 3000 walkers I was number 1362 to cross the finish line.

After everyone had crossed the finish line, we prepared to walk a block down to the closing ceremony. Imagine 3000 walkers, arms linked, walking into closing ceremony surrounded by cheering crowds.......then the staff came in......300 strong.....and then, over 300 survivors who had walked with us those 3 days. Truly an emotional moment. And what it made it most emotional was when all of the walkers took off one shoe and raised it in honor of the survivors.

So after ceremonies, it was off to the metro to get back to our friend's house in Virginia. Now getting to the Metro was an adventure in itself. We had to pick up our duffles and head down 1 block to get the bus to get to Metro Center. We got half way down the block when we realised we were heading in the wrong direction! At this point we decided to get a cab. Trying to find a cab was next to impossible. Thankfully a woman came by and helped us get a cab. We finally got to the metro and then on our train to Virginia.

Here's Deby at the station while we waited for our ride. When Mark picked us up, he took us to grab some supper. We had the best burger and fries in the greater DC area. Five Guys was the name of the place. I have to say, that it's a good thing Five Guys isn't up here in NY....I'd be quite huge if they were. LOL!

So with our bellies full, our bodies sore, we turned in for our last night of our adventure. Oh, and we stayed up past our bedtime.....we went to bed around 9:00 LOL!


The 3 Day Walk, Part 3

Day 2 began at 5:30 when we got up to go get some breakfast and head back out on the route. We were doing what Deby nicknamed "The 3 Day" shuffle. Everyone was doing it. Walking with blisters, sore and stiff body parts. We all looked very funny, but no one cared because we ALL were walking that way.

This first photo is of an arch that we passed under while out on the route. Day 2 was full of beautiful paths....some spots were extremely rough going, but still beautiful none the less.

You'd never guess it, but one of our favorite sites along the route were the port-a-johns at the pit stops. You can tell here that Deby was happy.

My knee was still bothering me. I had put on my knee brace, and would ice my knee at every pit stop. I made it to the pit stop before lunch and knew I couldn't go on. So while Deby went on the 3 miles to lunch, I took the sag van to lunch.

After lunch, I decided to continue on with Deby. Along the way, there were many supporters cheering us on, passing out candy. And the motorcycle crew was out there doing what they did best, keeping us safe as we crossed the roads.

Even though I lost 3 more miles, I crossed that finish line with Deby. What a great feeling. And waiting for us there were staff and others cheering us on.

So it was off for showers, foot massages and food again. But this time we were in bed by 6:45! Yes, you read that correctly, 6:45.


The 3 Day Walk, part 2

Day 1 of our adventure began bright and early at Ptomac Mills Mall in Virginia. Even at 6 am, the atmosphere was that of a party. Men and women of all shapes and sizes, ages, walks of life coming together for a common put and end to breast cancer.

After the opening ceremony, all 3,000 of us began our 3 day trek. We were blessed with a great staff. My favorite of the staff was the motorcycle safety crew. They would be there at every major intersection with music blaring and dancing to cross us safely across the road. They had come from all across the country. One guy, was from Atlanta and this was his 18th walk!

Along the way, we met some intersting people, Phat Phil and the Phunky Bunch....a father and his two daughters walking in memory of their wife and mother. Laura, bad knees, bloodied feet, yet she walked in memory of her sister.

My knee gave out on me 7 miles in, but I continued on for 8 more miles. I finally had to get on the sag van to be taken back to camp. When we got to camp, we gathered our duffles and picked up a hot pink tent and headed off to find our spot in the neighborhood. Once we got our tent set up, we headed over for showers, foot massages and food. Speaking of food, There was not a shortage of food anywhere during this walk. At every pit stop, there was snacks of all sorts.

Look at that smile on Deby's face. You'd never know the pain she was feeling from blisters and a hurting knee and hip. Ibuprofin was our best friend this weekend.

Day 1, we had gone 15 miles before our bodies finally said enough! I admit that part of me was kind of bummed out. I had hoped to make the entire 60 miles, and now I was down 5 miles. I had knee surgery 3 years ago and my knee had never bothered me during all of my training. And then 7 miles in on Day 1 it acts up! I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to walk anymore and that thought was very disheartening.

Deby and I were in bed by 7:45! We were so exhausted and 5:30 comes early. So off to bed we went. To rest our bodies for Day 2 of our adventure.


3 days, 60 miles & 1 AMAZING journey!!!

Deby and I are back from our 3 day adventure in Washington, DC. It was the most incredible, amazing experience! If you ever get a chance to participate in The 3 Day Walk for breast cancer research, do it!!!! Words can't describe the experience.

This photo was taken at the airport in Rochester as we were getting ready to leave for DC. That's my friend Deby on the left and me on the right. We flew out the day before the event as we had to be at the starting point between 5:30 and 6:30 am on Friday. Deby doesn't do well flying,(motion sickness), but she was quite the trooper. Not once did the barf bag come out. :-)

So a dear new friend picked us up at the airport in DC. Linda is a wonderful woman whose daughter goes to college with my daughter. She and her husband, Mark graciously housed us, fed us, transported us, and entertained us before and after the event.

There is so much to share that I will put up multiple posts on our great adventure, including pictures. And if I ever figure out how to do a slide show, I'll post that too.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's Here!

I wanted to post one more time before I head to Washington DC for The 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer Research. My friend Deby and I leave tomorrow. I can't beleive it's here already!

I have a favor to ask of all of you....PRAYER!
1. Pray for safe travel to and from
2. Pray for good weather
3. Pray for strong bodies and strong spirits
4. And most importantly, pray for divine appointments. Pray that we will be the light of Christ for all to see.

Have a great weekend and I'll be gabbing at you all next week.