Saturday, January 10, 2009

Birthday Cards

Hi again,
Just wanted to share some birthday cards I made recently. This one was for DH. He turned 46 last week. The stamps are from Gina K, King of the Grill set. DH wanted Korean for his birthday dinner, so we met up with our oldest son in the city to celebrate. He was in the city for a gun collector's show. It was a nice meal and visit. Unfortunately DD had to go back to college earlier in the day, so she couldn't join us. It was just us and the boys.

This was for a co-worker's birthday we celebrated yesterday. The BG paper was a christmas gift from DD.
And this was for my supervisor who's birthday was this past week. He is a jack of all trades. He's quite the Magyver, fixing things with what ever he has laying around. These images also came from King of the Grill.
This card was done for a co-worker's daughter. She loves plm trees. And because her brother and cousin got Roxy cards for their birthdays, she was expecteing no less from her mom.

My craft area is disgusting! I can't find anything anywhere. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to make some sort of sense out of it. I doubt it because the reason it's such a wreck is that there's no space for anything. At least there is a path through the study. :-) I think it's time to clean least the study.


Kim Marie said...

Great cards! But I think I like Andy's best!!

Hey better get to that craft area...messy ruin my mojo! And then you can come help with mine!

Blessings, girl!
Kim Marie

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Roxy

Cool card

I have an award for you on my blog see here

Deby said...

Great job on all the cards!!! My craft room is tidy at the moment, but I know what you mean when it's messy!!! Ugh. I hate to clean it but then feel more settled to create when it is. I'll miss you while I'm in 80 degree weather in California! I'll think of you here in frigid, snowy NY! (hehehe)