Sunday, June 21, 2009

Proud, but tired Momma

Yes, I am one proud Mom. This photo,( fixed by the wonderful Etha),is of our oldest. It was taken this past Friday. He was down at Ft. Dix in NJ for a leadership training course. This was taken at the graduation. But I'm also a tired Mom as well. You see, our son's car went in the shop before he headed to Dix and it wasn't ready in time for him to drive it there. He rented a car for the drive down, but it was extremely expensive. So Hubby and I drove down to get him.

This is where the adventure begins. We were supposed to leave around lunch time on Thursday. But I couldn't get the time off from work, so we had to leave late afternoon. We drove down to NJ and spent the night with friends. Got up bright and early Friday to go to Ft. Dix for the 10 am ceremony. After the ceremony, we brought our son and another soldier back to upstate NY. Here's where it gets crazy. Our son lives almost 2 hours north west of us. And because he left his keys at our house, we had to go back to our house to get the keys before continuing on to his place. I took this opportunity to bow out of the last leg of the trip. I got our other son to ride along to keep hubby company for the ride back.

So our New Jersey adventure started in Rochester at 4 :30 Thursday afternoon when we got on the Thruway. It ended 931 miles and 31 hours later ,(11:30 pm Friday night),when hubby pulled in our driveway after dropping our son off at his place.

Oh cruise control either.


Deby said...

Wow! Long trip! But a good one! You've got good reason to be proud so go ahead and beam!!! I so appreciate what Craig is doing for our country. God bless the USA for sure (and all of our servicemen and women)!

Teresa said...

I would hate all that driving, but to get to my son (if I had one) I would drive to the moon and back.