Sunday, October 3, 2010

Retirement Journals

I haven't been blogging lately because I've been busy. Recently we had 10 people retire from our department at work. I was asked to do their journals. Whenever someone retires, we always have a journal of well wishes that everybody signs. You'll also find pictures of the retirees from days past scattered throughout the journal as well.

What I did was alter composition notebooks. I had never altered books before. Let me tell you, taking on the task of doing 10 of them in only a couple pf weeks was quite a challenge......but it was a labor of love. I tried to personalize each journal by highlighting the retiree's interests.
Themes I used were : cooking, art, theater, fishing, golf, sports, antiques, classic cars, beagles, and bling. One woman has such a sparkling personality and lovers her bling I just had to make her journal sparkle.
I was honored to be able to make keepsakes for my former co-workers and friends. and now they are all sporting that perpetual retiree smile......and that makes me happy.

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