Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ok. So last night and today, I haven't been able to leave comments on my sisters' blogs. Every time I go to put in my info, it says my password is incorrect. Now I know for a fact that it is, because I have it written down and I made sure I was typing it very slowly and very correctly.

So here is a general comment to my sisters....Very cool! I'm loving the Tilda stamps, the house mouse card, the pictures of grandbaby's first birthday,(love the sitting in the cake by the way):-)

And hopefully DH will help me figure this blogging creature out :-)

Have a great evening everyone!



Kristin said...

Hi Roxy,
Computer problems must be going around! I've been working on my husband's spare laptop as mine is completely down at the moment. Fortunately, since I quit working I use it only for fun stuff...but hey, that's important too! Look forward to getting to know you better as your new SBS23 sister! And I love your cards! Kristin

Kim Marie said...