Monday, May 11, 2009

One Deckle of a Day

Hi All,
I bet you're wondering what I mean by my post title. Well, I was extremely blessed yesterday. My friend, Kathy, gave me a treat....deckled nesties! So today, I gave myself a challenge....use the deckled nesties on each of the cards. So here are some of the results of my play time today.
This first card shows embossing only with the nesties. It's a neat look,(even if the flower isn't the greatest).
This second card shows just cutting with the nesties.
And this last card shows cutting and embossing with the nesties. (Pay no mind to the sideways photo, the laptop is messing up again.)
I've made many more cards today, but these three best show the different ways I used the nesties.

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Hi Roxy

How your doing??

Well I am just waiting for these Nesties to pop through my door - hope they come today!!

Your cards are gorgeous especially the embossed one at the top - so elegant...