Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prayers appreciated

Good Morning All,
As I sit here soaking my foot in betadine and water, I thought I'd drop a quick note. We're headed up to the city in about 20 minutes where I will be having foot surgey. It's out patient surgery, so I'll be back home on my comfy couch this afternoon in a drug stupor :-). I would appreciate any prayers that come my way as I'll be laid up fpr a few weeks and on crutches for 6 weeks.

But there's good news in this......besides the obvious that I will not be in any more pain, I'll have all sorts of time to create.



Deby said...

My prayers for you began at 4:40am this morning (God must've woken me up to pray because I'm usually making lots of zzz's at that hour!), and they will continue til you're back on your feet (foot? whatever...). Be blessed and enjoy the time off!

Sue from Oregon said...

Speedy recovery Roxy!