Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh no!!!!!

Hi All,

Remember how I mentioned earlier that it's a good thing that Five Guys, (the burger joint we went to in DC), wasn't up here in NY? Well when I went into work yesterday I found out that a Five Guys just opened up this past Friday right down the street from my office! Literally! It's maybe a half mile away on the same street. Well, I do have a safety net ......Since my hours at work have changed, DH drops me off, so I don't have a car. So no access. phew! But DD is coming home this weekend and we're heading up to Rochester to do some shopping. Of course she wants to go to Five Guys.........Mark and Linda introduced her to them when she was visiting them a couple of years ago. Ah, the sacrifices we make for our children lol!

Something just occurred to may think a half mile is nothing for me to walk, especially since I just walked 52 miles this past weekend. Well, let me tell you about Jefferson sidewalks and way too much traffic to walk safely. I may like a Five Guys burger like no other, but I cherish my safety much more.



Sue from Oregon said...

That is too must be fate!

Joey said...

Hi Roxy, I have been given an award and I am passing it onto