Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The 3 Day Walk, Part 4

Day 3 began at 5 am. We needed to get up, pack up our stuff and take down the tents and get some breakfast before heading out. We walked about a half mile down to the boat launch to get on the buses that would take us closer to DC.

Up until now, all of our walking had been in Virginia. This morning they dropped us off in Arlington. From there we made our way through Arlington and crossed the bridge into Georgetown. We made our way through Dupont circle and then up Pennsylvania Ave. past the white house.

The most amazing moment for me was when we crossed the finish line. The music, the crowds, the cheering....It was just overwhelming. I was brought to tears. Of the 3000 walkers I was number 1362 to cross the finish line.

After everyone had crossed the finish line, we prepared to walk a block down to the closing ceremony. Imagine 3000 walkers, arms linked, walking into closing ceremony surrounded by cheering crowds.......then the staff came in......300 strong.....and then, over 300 survivors who had walked with us those 3 days. Truly an emotional moment. And what it made it most emotional was when all of the walkers took off one shoe and raised it in honor of the survivors.

So after ceremonies, it was off to the metro to get back to our friend's house in Virginia. Now getting to the Metro was an adventure in itself. We had to pick up our duffles and head down 1 block to get the bus to get to Metro Center. We got half way down the block when we realised we were heading in the wrong direction! At this point we decided to get a cab. Trying to find a cab was next to impossible. Thankfully a woman came by and helped us get a cab. We finally got to the metro and then on our train to Virginia.

Here's Deby at the station while we waited for our ride. When Mark picked us up, he took us to grab some supper. We had the best burger and fries in the greater DC area. Five Guys was the name of the place. I have to say, that it's a good thing Five Guys isn't up here in NY....I'd be quite huge if they were. LOL!

So with our bellies full, our bodies sore, we turned in for our last night of our adventure. Oh, and we stayed up past our bedtime.....we went to bed around 9:00 LOL!


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Wow great pictures Roxy!