Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The 3 Day Walk, part 2

Day 1 of our adventure began bright and early at Ptomac Mills Mall in Virginia. Even at 6 am, the atmosphere was that of a party. Men and women of all shapes and sizes, ages, walks of life coming together for a common goal.....to put and end to breast cancer.

After the opening ceremony, all 3,000 of us began our 3 day trek. We were blessed with a great staff. My favorite of the staff was the motorcycle safety crew. They would be there at every major intersection with music blaring and dancing to cross us safely across the road. They had come from all across the country. One guy, was from Atlanta and this was his 18th walk!

Along the way, we met some intersting people, Phat Phil and the Phunky Bunch....a father and his two daughters walking in memory of their wife and mother. Laura, bad knees, bloodied feet, yet she walked in memory of her sister.

My knee gave out on me 7 miles in, but I continued on for 8 more miles. I finally had to get on the sag van to be taken back to camp. When we got to camp, we gathered our duffles and picked up a hot pink tent and headed off to find our spot in the neighborhood. Once we got our tent set up, we headed over for showers, foot massages and food. Speaking of food, There was not a shortage of food anywhere during this walk. At every pit stop, there was snacks of all sorts.

Look at that smile on Deby's face. You'd never know the pain she was feeling from blisters and a hurting knee and hip. Ibuprofin was our best friend this weekend.

Day 1, we had gone 15 miles before our bodies finally said enough! I admit that part of me was kind of bummed out. I had hoped to make the entire 60 miles, and now I was down 5 miles. I had knee surgery 3 years ago and my knee had never bothered me during all of my training. And then 7 miles in on Day 1 it acts up! I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to walk anymore and that thought was very disheartening.

Deby and I were in bed by 7:45! We were so exhausted and 5:30 comes early. So off to bed we went. To rest our bodies for Day 2 of our adventure.


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