Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The 3 Day Walk, Part 5

This is a photo of our new dear friends, Mark and Linda. Their daughter and my daughter are college friends. These two people have been an amazing blessing to Deby and I. They opened their home to us to stay the night before the walk and the night after the walk. They fed us, transported us, and Mark even entertained us with some funny stories. Now I understand why my daughter enjoys visiting them.

Linda dropped us off at the airport yesterday morning on her way to work. when we got there, we found out our flight had been delayed. For how long, we didn't know. While at the airport, we came across other walkers heading home.

It was getting lunch time and we were getting hungry. Imagine our suprise when we saw a Five Guys burger joint at the airport! So of course we had to stop there to eat. Yummo!

Now, I'm not one for burgers and fries, and to eat them for supper one night and lunch the next day! It was a first.....and will probably be a last......unless of course I'm near a Five Guys LOL!

While at the airport, we met a fellow walker who was on our flight as well. We had a great time talking with her about all of her experiences doing the walks.....DC was her 5th!

We made it to JFK and it was quite chillier than DC.
And since we were wearing flip flops, ( who could put on shoes?),
we knew our feet would be freezing when we got home. These are
the fluffy, comfy socks we bought at the airport. We were quite a
site, but who cared.

We made it home, later than expected and exhausted, but very happy. This last photo was taken when we met up with Deby's family. Yes, after 12 hours of traveling, we were still smiling!

The 3 Day Walk for breast cancer research has been an amazing journey. Please consider participating in it if you ever get a chance.



Joey said...

Wow Roxy, what an amazing journey and you have told your 3 days beautifully!, many congrats on finishing the walk!.hope you and your friend are not aching too much and hope your knee is ok. lots of love joey.xxx

Nikki said...

These pictures are amazing! What a wonderful experience to share...

Carol Plume said...

Roxy - well done you - what a fantastic achievement! Having lost a dear friend to breast cancer a few years back I salute you xx Hope that you and you're friend are ok xx

Becky said...

Rox welcome back home to NY and congratulations on completing the walk. What an accomplishment!!

Dawn said...

Hi Roxy
Well done you Roxy - sounds like you had a great time, bet you're tired though!
Such a great cause!